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Reflections on IBM’s CEO Study: Shift in Leadership Style

The 2010 IBM Global CEO Study, entitled "Capitalizing on Complexity" provides some remarkable insights into the minds of 1500 CEOs from around the world. 

Today's topic: Shift in Leadership Style

Excerpt from the Study:

"To enact continuous change, Standouts avoid the old command and control style of leadership. Fifty-eight percent prefer to persuade and influence compared to just 17 percent that tend toward command and control.

"They acknowledge the continued importance of communications 'from the top,'  especially to establish clarity of purpose and company values. But they also are embracing “viral” forms of communication to engage those inside and outside their organizations."

In the study, CEOs listed "People Skills" as one of the top three focus areas for the next five years, #2 behind "Getting closer to the customer." 

Since a majority of CEOs are, what we call in the DrawSuccess world "Green Geniuses", their natural inclination may be more to accomplishing tasks than working with people.  However, the smart ones know that nothing can be accomplished alone: you need people to achieve the company's goals.  The IBM study demonstrates a promising shift in approach: toward "persuade and influence" vs. "command and control." 

But what's even more effective than "persuade and influence?"  "Ownership and Engagement."  By asking people for their ideas and solutions, and then empowering them with the resources to act on these ideas, leaders will achieve greater levels of both Ownership and Engagement.

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To request a copy of the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study, go to: http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/ceo/ceostudy2010/index.html. 

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