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Reflections on IBM’s CEO Study: Managing Complexity

The 2010 IBM Global CEO Study, entitled "Capitalizing on Complexity" provides some remarkable insights into the minds of 1500 CEOs from around the world. 

Today's topic: Managing Complexity

Excerpt from the Study:

"Today’s complexity is only expected to rise, and more than half of CEOs doubt their ability to manage it.   Seventy-nine percent of CEOs anticipate even greater complexity ahead."

The study identifies what they call "the complexity gap" – where 79% of CEOs expecting a high level of complexity over five years and only 49% feel prepared to deal with it. 

The study continues:

"Two years ago, public and private sector leaders framed the major challenge they faced as “change.” They pointed to what we called the “change gap”— the difference between the change they expected and their ability to handle it. Today, CEOs feel more confident about dealing with change, but they have identified an entirely new dilemma….the 'complexity gap'" 

The role of the CEO is to manage the company through this complexity to achieve growth goals. They need to see the big picture, but not get mired in the details. That's what the workers are there for!  Each person in the organization is supposed to know their jobs better than anyone else.  They know the complexities they face every day. 

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To request a copy of the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study, go to: http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/ceo/ceostudy2010/index.html. 

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