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Reflections on IBM’s CEO Study: Leadership Creativity

The 2010 IBM Global CEO Study, entitled "Capitalizing on Complexity" provides some remarkable insights into the minds of 1500 CEOs from around the world. 

Today's topic: Leadership Creativity

Excerpt from the Study:

"Creativity is the most important leadership quality.

"Leaders, they said, must be ready to upset the status quo even if it is successful. They must be comfortable with and committed to ongoing experimentation."

How Creative are the Leaders in your organization?  Or,said another way, how Leading are the Creatives? 

How many Kinds of Innovation can you identify?  In a recent DrawSuccess session with some of the leading innovative minds in the world, 28 kinds of innovation were recognized. 

Our DrawSuccess Innovation & Problem-Solving Module covers each of these kinds of innovation while also stimulating ideas and solutions in all areas of business, from new products to sales & customer service to time management and more. 

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To request a copy of the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study, go to: http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/ceo/ceostudy2010/index.html. 

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