"Draw out" organizational and team performance to accelerate results

Frequently Asked Questions

To download the FAQs about DrawSuccess, click here: DrawSuccess FAQs

Topics include:

  •  How is DrawSuccess different from the other programs in the marketplace?
  •  How does DrawSuccess differ from other Personality/Behavioral programs?
  •  What kinds of companies are ideal for DrawSuccess?
  •  Does DrawSuccess work best with entry-level employees or senior executive teams?
  •  Are there any industries or types of companies where DrawSuccess doesn’t fit?
  •  What successes can DrawSuccess claim?
  •  Is DrawSuccess affordable?
  •  Does DrawSuccess offer a Train-the-Trainer program?
  •  How does DrawSuccess ensure results?
  •  Does DrawSuccess offer an electronic version of the game and/or process?
  •  Does DrawSuccess have a program for students?
  •  What requirements are there for someone to facilitate DrawSuccess inside their company or organization?
  •  What requirements are there for someone to become an external facilitator of DrawSuccess?
  •  I just want to buy a game. Can I do that?
  •  If I’ve been trained in one program, am I automatically trained to deliver the other programs?
  •  How many people can participate at once?
  •  Does DrawSuccess offer customized programs?

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