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Innovation, Creativity & Problem-Solving

The following is an excerpt from an article by DrawSuccess founder and Chief Innovation Officer Brownell Landrum in the November 17 issue of ASTD Links Magazine:

Innovation, Creativity & Problem-Solving

Innovation is more important now than ever before. Without it, companies risk losing sales and market share to competition. 3M, a historical leader in innovation, draws 25% of their sales from products released in the past five years, which begs the question: What % of your company's sales in five years will come from products you're not selling today? The next question, of course, is: Where are the ideas for new products, services and programs going to come from? And how can Training help?

Many companies are embracing a strategy of Innovation at All Levels. To accomplish this goal, Training can offer programs that help employees generate ideas for new products and services, classes to stimulate creative problem-solving, solutions to improve decision-making, and, perhaps most importantly, programs to maximize employee engagement to ensure successful implementation of new product initiatives.

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