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Flexibility & Adaptability to Change

The following is an excerpt from an article by DrawSuccess founder and Chief Innovation Officer Brownell Landrum in the November 17 issue of ASTD Links Magazine:

Flexibility & Adaptability to Change

Change can come in any number of forms. Companies can be going through large-scale changes like reorganization, mergers, or acquisitions, they can be launching new policies, products or processes, or there can be the introduction of new employees/management.

Sweeping changes require a full-scale integration solution. New teams need to go through the stages of team development to reach high performance as quickly as possible. Training programs that identify and solve the barriers to success and create and take action on these plans is extremely helpful.

When new managers are hired, they are challenged to “hit the ground running” to achieve results right away. Companies can no longer afford a six month or longer assimilation process. Therefore, training can help with programs that quickly build trust, build plans and unify the new team toward reaching their goals.

New policies or processes require a lot of training, not only in the traditional way of teaching the application, but also in making sure the new process is accepted by the workers in advance. In addition, new product launches can also create challenges – and opportunities – for training.

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