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Free Management Goals Activity

This activity is very simple, yet also powerfully effective.  Just download the attachments below and print out on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.  Cut into four pieces, which makes eight "goals" cards.  (The DrawSuccess logo is provided for the back side, which would be lovely for you to use, but not required). 

Company Goals Activity Page 1

Company Goals Activity Page 2

DrawSuccess Logo for Back of Company Goals Cards

Then, have a meeting with your senior management team and ask each person to arrange the cards in the the order of priority for the company. 

Reflect on the commonality and differences in the responses.  Why is one goal more important to one person than another?  How do the goals relate to their position?  To the company's goals as a whole?

Then begin a discussion of the programs Training could bring in to address these goals.  (Note: DrawSuccess is a good one!)

Enjoy – and please provide your comments below.


Brownell Landrum