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Quick Business Advice: Marcel Proust on Discovery



The real voyage of discovery

consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.


– Marcel Proust


Oftentimes in business we think we need to do something radical, go somewhere completely different, in order to find the breakthrough we 're looking for.   We may hire innovation experts, or we may think that our best chances of growth and expansion will come from acquiring another company.  

However, in most cases, we are sitting on the proverbial "acres of diamonds" in our own back yard: our own employees.  THEY can be our new set of "eyes" Marcel Proust refers to, helping us see our business from a new perspective.

Creativity, when nurtured with an open, engaging, fun and safe process (like the DrawSuccess Game!) can come from anywhere – and everywhere – in your company.  DrawSuccess stimulates "Innovation at all Levels" from the mail room to the board room.  

And not only is DrawSuccess more affordable – and far less risky – than the other options mentioned above, it's also a powerful program for accelerating team performance through the Three Critical Components:  Performance, Ownership and a proven Process!

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