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Can You Change the World in a Fun and Profitable Way?

It's interesting when I meet people and share with them the DrawSuccess Mission: to Change the World in a Fun and Profitable Way.  For many, it's a novel idea: To "change the world" indicates making a positive change in the lives of others.  And, while it can be fun, many people are programmed to think that changing the world has to mean hard, arduous effort. 

Then, to add the concept of "in a profitable way," it throws people.  Hmmm…what would the world be like if we could all change the world in a fun AND profitable way? 

A few years ago I went to a panel of speakers that included three executives of large corporations plus one non-profit chairperson.  Interestingly, the CEOs talked about how their companies were making a difference in the world, while the nonprofit chairperson talked about "raising money, raising money, raising money." 

Then, a year ago, I read an article which quoted author Jim Collins as suggesting the blurring of the lines between "for profit" and "non profit." 

In light of the new Wall Street movie coming out, we need a new quote, "Profitability is Good." 

Isn't the goal of "nonprofit" work to have sustainability?  The adage of "teach to fish" should be the vision of every nonprofit organization on the planet!  And then can't you see the next level?  To make it sustainable, you can (and should) also make it PROFITABLE! 

Now – back to the DrawSuccess mission: to change the world in a fun and profitable way."  So, yes, we're unabashedly claiming our vision of profitability.  Not only because that means our ability to deliver sustainability, it also means GROWTH.  The more profitable we are, the more people we can reach – and change – across the globe. 

But our mission goes beyond our own goals.  We aim to take our clients through the same process: to help them CHANGE in a FUN and PROFITABLE way.   In fact, our reinforcement always asks the questions:

  • What did you change?  Why was this change important?  What changed as a result?
  • How did you make it fun for yourself?  How was fun for others?   How was the fun be sustained?
  • What were the advantages-benefits-and gains achieved?  How did that lead to business results?  How did everyone benefit?

It would be great if we could change our mindsets to a new way of thinking about helping others in a sustainable way…

I welcome your comments!