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Gross Employee Happiness?

The King of the country of Bhutan decided, in 1999, to measure "Gross National Happiness," considering happiness a more important measurement than Gross National Product. 

Makes you wonder – what would happen if companies measured "Gross Employee Happiness?" 

The Bhutan 72-page survey is interesting (download below), including the following questions:

  1. What are the six or seven things that you consider to be most important in leading to a happy and contented life?
  2. How much do you enjoy life?
  3. How often is each of the following kinds of support available to you when you need it?   Someone to help you when you are sick?  Someone to help you when you have problems (decision making, financial, emotional, etc.)
  4. What are your main sources of stress?
  5. Do you consider Karma in the course of your daily life?
  6. What types of songs do you usually listen to most?
  7. How would you describe your sense of belonging to your local community?
  8. How much do you trust Bhutanese people in general?
  9. We would like to know how you spent your time yesterday. Beginning with when you woke up, can you please recount various activities you performed and how long they took?  How did you feel doing this activity?

1=impatient for it to end
6=hassled/pushed around
10=Enjoying myself

At DrawSuccess, our mission is to "Change the world in a fun and profitable way."  We believe that all of these elements are necessary – change – the world – fun – profitable.

Change – positive change of course!
The World – indicates global reach and the desire to impact as many people as possible
Fun – certainly an important component of happines
Profitable – not only does profit indicate monetary reward but profit is also defined as "advantage; benefit; gain."  And it's vital to quantify! 

What do you think?  Any suggestions?  Please provide your comments below.