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Quick Business Advice: Margaret Mead on Teams


Never doubt that a small group

of thoughtful, committed people

can change the world.

Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.


– Margaret Mead


 Is it your company’s mission to “change the world?”  If so, Margaret Mead suggests that all it takes is a “small group of thoughtful, committed people.” 


What’s another word for a “small group of thoughtful people?”  A team.  Together Everyone Achieves More. 


Team performance, however, requires a bit more than just being thoughtful and committed, although that’s a great start.  To be great, teams need to perform at the highest level in twenty criteria:  Mission & Values; Goals & Objectives; Results Measurement; Roles, Duties and Responsibilities; Meeting Participation; Meeting Productivity; Diversity; Collaboration & Synergy; Fun; Unity; Opinions & Honesty; Harmony & Conflict Resolution; Innovation & Problem-Solving; Decision-Making; Procedures; Efficiency & Accomplishment; Sales & “Customer” Service; Individual Alignment; Contribution; and Motivation & Commitment.


DrawSuccess is a fun, innovative program (by a company whose mission is to change the world, too!) to help teams achieve high-performance in all of the above 20 criteria.