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Quick Business Advice: Jim Collins on Idealism vs. Profitability


A visionary company doesn't simply balance

between idealism and profitability:

It seeks to be highly idealistic and highly profitable.


– Jim Collins


 What is idealism, except the desire to define and hold onto your ideals?  Then, as Jim Collins suggests, why can’t profitability be an ideal as well? 


In a recent presentation by senior executives of leading companies a key message came through: you can make money helping people!  In fact, isn’t that the only way to make money? 


Too often we lose sight of that fact and spend too much time cutting benefits, demeaning our competition and raising prices without adding value. 


In order to be effective in executing your company’s mission and values, every team inside your business should also be a model for the organization’s mission and values and have measurable (SMARTER) goals including profitability.


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