"Draw out" organizational and team performance to accelerate results

True Stories


Hear What Others Are Saying About DrawSuccess:

“DrawSuccess' results demonstrate that recognizing and appreciating diversity of thought within a team can improve communication, build unity, and cooperation, increase productivity, provide job satisfaction, and deliver bottom-line results.” -at&t Focus Team


The following are answers from another client team, when asked the question, “What did you like about the DrawSuccess Program?” ”The whole thing”, “Gives continuity/direction”, “Provides a forum and structure to let everyone talk”, “Forces us to do something about goals”, “Fun and helps us get to know each other”, “Learned a lot”, “It’s distinctive – not people dictating form top; instead we create the success ourselves so we have our own buy-in and accountability”, “Great asset for new sales reps – will greatly increase effectiveness”, “Provides an outside perspective on our business.”

“What a pleasure it is to publicly endorse Brownell and DrawSuccess. Her work was an important component of the plan for the 2008 ASTD Atlanta Executive Board as we were creating our team. My confidence in making the decision to work with her was based on comparing DrawSuccess to other programs I had experienced. Her creative talents are supported by her unceasing commitment to produce results for her clients.”  – Paul Terlemezian, 2008 President ASTD-Atlanta


“We hired Brownell as a business consultant for her Draw Success program. It was a great success for my team. Many of our employees now refer to themselves by color (personality type). I have also noted a difference in how we talk to each other and approach our differences in how each of us makes decision. Brownell did a great job as a facilitator. I would highly recommend Draw Success for building your team. Brownell, thanks for a GREAT job and a well designed program.”  – David Pair, President Casablanca Design Group

"Being a member of a large organization I would like to tell you about a program create called DrawSuccess. It is aimed at helping organizations develop teams that function better together. It is unlike anything I’ve ever heard of in the area of organizational development in that it incorporates assessments and playing a board game. The bottom line is that I believe the DrawSuccess process really contributed to us getting much more accomplished, much more quickly. And, just as importantly, we also had more fun working together. I was so impressed with this program that I recommend it to others who are looking to take their teams and their business to the next level." – Lynn, Business Owner


“Brownell is the creative genius behind a transformational approach to building high performing teams that achieve measurable results. I have seen a multitude of team programs through the years, and I can honestly say that DrawSuccess is truly unique. The moment I met Brownell, I was struck by her sunny disposition, insightful approach, creativity and her passionate vision of helping companies break the harmful dynamics of dysfunctional teams. And who can't relate to the pain of being on teams that over flowed with hostility, animosity, manipulation, cliques and downright dishonesty? Unlike other companies who claim to break the stranglehold of dysfunctional teams, the unique program design of DrawSuccess does that and more!”  – Barbara Giamanco, CEO & President, TalentBuilders, Inc.