"Draw out" organizational and team performance to accelerate results


Become a DrawSuccess Facilitator


Become a DrawSuccess Facilitator

DrawSuccess offers Facilitator Training & Certification programs for both External Facilitators (Coaches, Consultants and Trainers) and for Company Managers or "Internal" Facilitators.



As a certified DrawSuccess Facilitator, you’ll be equipped with the ability to be a “change agent” in people’s lives. With this power comes responsibility.


To be a DrawSuccess Facilitator, you’ll need to be committed to: Following the steps in the DrawSuccess process; Using the techniques and solutions provided;  and Adhering to the guidelines and restrictions for successful delivery of the program. But remember: you’re not alone – ask for help from your DrawSuccess Program Results Leader. We’re here to help!

Benefits to Internal Facilitators:

bullet red  Build your leadership development skills
bullet gold  Contribute to your team's success in a meaningful way
bullet blue  Accomplish your goals and reach new heights in your career
bullet green  Generate ideas and solutions for your company
bullet red  Have fun!    

Benefits to External Facilitators*:

bullet red  Helps gain entree into businesses and organizations
bullet gold  Provides valuable learning about individual members of teams you're working with – as well understanding the team dynamics
bullet blue  Offers additional opportunities for interaction, consulting and coaching
bullet green  Have fun!


*External Facilitators are Certified DrawSuccess Licensees.