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Personal Mission Statement Step 2


In case you missed it, Step 1 in your Personal Mission Statement was "Who are you?"  


Here's Step 2.  It's a little more challenging.  Give yourself 2 FOCUSED minutes to write down your first thoughts.  (You can change or edit later!)  


Be as specific as you can be!  What do you do?  Don't just write, "I'm a trainer," or "I'm an executive" or "I'm a mother/father."  What do you do?  


This reminds me of some fun I had with a friend many, many years ago.  I was helping him write his resume and he had "lifeguard" in his (summer) job history.  Instead of writing "lifeguard" we got really creative and put something like "certified lifesaving professional with keen observational and managerial skills overseeing twenty or more people at once."