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Do You Have Rats in Your Company? You’d Better Hope So!

Most people think of rats as nasty, destructive vermin. But in a 2007 study* scientists found that rats can be selflessly devoted to the welfare of others. The study showed that rats demonstrated what’s called generalized reciprocal altruism. Simply stated, rats who received help in the past were more likely to help another rat in the future – even if the other rat was unknown to them. If only more people were like rats!

How can you create more rats in your organization?

Since reciprocal altruism is created by the initial act of helping others, you just need to start the first “random act of kindness” and let it build from there.

The DrawSuccess Program is a great start to the process. Because it’s a game, it creates a safe environment for sharing.  Plus, there are several game questions that can allow participants to share and help one another, including:

  • List the things you appreciate about your fellow team members
  • List some thoughtful gestures you'd like to receive from your fellow team members
  • List some nice things you can do for people you work with

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 * Rutte C, Taborsky M (2007) Generalized Reciprocity in Rats. PLoS Biol 5(7): e196 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0050196


For more information on the study, go to the link below: